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1st Bayridge moves to Stage 4

Things look promising to bring all of our activities outside once again! The Ontario government has recently announced that the shutdown and stay-at-home orders will be gradually relaxed, as of February 10.

Right now (as of February 10), we may move back to Stage 4 Scouting (with no camping).

Stage 4 Information

  • Size of gatherings: 50 persons total (Outdoors & Indoors)

  • Patrols: 8 youth maximum

  • Sharing of equipment: permitted within Patrols only

  • Remember, local public health unit and municipal regulations must be followed at all times.

Click Here to Access the Stage 4 Standards

For more information about current provincial restrictions from the government, you can access the Ontario COVID-19 website

Scouting Stage 4 details can be found at scouts.ca.

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