• Geoffrey Priems

Group Committee Meeting Agenda - 1 September

Updated: Sep 1

If anyone wishes to add items, or to attend please contact geoffrey.priems@scouts.ca

Proposed Agenda for 1 September

  1. Call to Order

  2. Burning Issues of Importance

  3. Section Locations in myScouts.ca

  4. Section capacity in myScouts.ca

  5. Section Scouters in myScouts.ca

  6. Registered and Active Scouters

  7. Section Issues (Colony, Pack, Troop, Company) that need addressing or advertising. Please do not discuss routine program here.

  8. Group Issues (Treasurer, Quartermaster, Fundraising, Training, Advertising, Property/Camp)

  9. Apple Day (Bill?)

  10. Scout Popcorn - interest?

  11. November 11 - Sponsor request (Geoff)

  12. Neckers and Group Badges (Bill)

  13. Scouts Canada Program/BPP updates

  14. Around the World in 60 Days (October 4-Nov 28) Scouter's Guide https://www.scouts.ca/around-the-world/home.html, Calendar https://www.scouts.ca/f/19ws0

  15. Continuing requirement for all meetings to be approved. ScoutsTracker...

  16. Dates of Interest (listed below)

  17. Future business

  18. Group Commissioner Search

  19. Round Table

  20. Adjournment

Key Dates of Interest

Aug 9 – Volunteer registration opens and Scouter renewal opens for current volunteers

Aug 11 – National email to current parents (not yet volunteering) about the benefits of volunteering

Aug 18 – Explorer's Needed Scouter’s Guide is released

Aug 18 – DHLC Scouter Portal is launched

Aug 30 – Waitlists are deleted

Sept 1 – Early registration starts

Sept 1 – Code of Conduct is released

*Sept 8 – National email to parents to register

Sept 8 & 12 - Fundraising virtual townhall

Sept 15 – Open registration starts (for new and lapsed members)

*Sept 20 – Direct mail to current and lapsed members to register

*Sept 22 – National email to lapsed members

* Dates not fully confirmed yet

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