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Group Committee Meeting Minutes

1st Bayridge Group Meeting Minutes

2 December 2020

In attendance (Zoom)

Mary Buynak, Treasurer

Will Meyer, Troop

Geoff Priems, GC

Bill Racz, Quartermaster

Pat Friske, Colony

Jake Tweed, Company


Rob Longfield, Troop

Jennifer Nelson, Pack

Meeting called to order at 7:08pm

Section meeting status and plans


- 1 new Active Scouter to be invested. Outdoor program is a big hit. To be balanced with some Zoom meetings. Pat gave name of a parent who may be interested in becoming a Scouter.


Had a day at Otter Lake on Saturday. 9 youth attended. Fires and hiking were highlights. Also practiced setting up tents. (Two Scouters should move up from Colony next year).


Planning some outdoor meetings in preparation to go to a daylong camp. Working with stoves and tarps for shelters.


- Vents have been rock climbing at Kingston Mills. It has been very popular. Looking at orienteering at Frontenac Park, and have made arrangements with Park to go off trail.

Registration. Colony and Pack are over 75% subscribed. Troop and Company are around 20-25% registered. As 1 Jan is the new Scouting year it is important to confirm who is returning. Troop expressed concerns about Covid and ability to get refunds in a timely fashion. Geoff noted a refund happened within a 24 hour period, and that refunds are available until 31 January. No youth can participate in program unless active. A reminder that ScoutsTracker will need to be reviewed on 1 Jan to ensure only those who are active can participate. Scouters indicated that they would take this info back to their Sections.

Financial report

Group is now on Waveapps.com. View accounts will be created so that sections can review in real time.

Moved by Mary:

That the 1st Bayridge Group account #1087188 held at KCCU have previous signers removed, and the following as authorized signers:

Mary Buynak

William Racz

William Cummings

Seconded by Geoff, No Discussion, Unanimously passed

Geoff will provide updated letter and minutes to Mary.

Quartermaster report

Beginning to review smaller items and add them to the inventory.

Group news

Salvation Army Christmas Hampers – each section agreed to adopt a family. This year, we will be giving cash. Each section is to collect funds for their adopted family and etransfer the funds to raczw@queensu.ca by 15 December. Bill will then purchase the gift card for food. Bill indicated that if a section is short money, he does have a couple of donors who will help.

Company Family of 3 people $75.00

Troop Family of 6 People $75.00

Pack Family of 5 people $75.00

Colony Family of 4 People. $75.00

Feedback was requested on Indoor use of Selby Hall. Beavers might use it once, but otherwise not required. – Feedback given to Bill. Issue Closed.

Booking codes were issued to each section for Bookings in Doubleknot (by email from Bill). Please use this in future to book to get free use of Otter Lake and Camp Folly (once opened).

Provincial Policy requires a hardcopy to be available of your Emergency Response Plan at each event.

Scouts Canada Policy requires a copy of Adventure Activity Form and accompanying documents when you to go Scout Camp. To meet this obligation please email your approved plans to Bill in advance of your camp booking. Verified attendance is also required to be given to the camp staff.

Each Section Contact Scouter has been given an email address as follows:

Pat – colony@bayridgescouts.ca

Jenn – pack@bayridgescouts.ca

Rob – troop@bayridgescouts.ca (confirmed)

Jake – company@bayridgescouts.ca (confirmed)

Mary – treasurer@bayridgescouts.ca (confirmed)

Geoff – commissioner@bayridgescouts.ca (confirmed)

Please claim your email address and notify Geoff by 31 December. Section contact Scouters are asked to canvass their Scouters to determine who would like a personalized account, and let Geoff know.

Once claimed, please add to your personal devices. And please change the email address found in myscouts.ca and in your scoutstracker.ca account.

Roundtable issues

Camp bookings must be made a minimum of 3 days in advance ONLY in Doubleknot.


Registration issue - note that only the parent who initially registered a youth can renew them. It is not obvious who that is sometimes. The helpcentre must get involved to resolve in those cases. helpcentre@scouts.ca

Meeting adjourned at 7:46pm

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Next meeting will be 3 Feb on Zoom.

Notes taken by Geoff Priems, reviewed by Bill Racz.

G. Priems

1st Bayridge Group Commissioner

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