• Geoffrey Priems

Divestment of Selby Hall

From Scouter Bill,

The Ontario Incorporated Body has supported the disposition of Selby Hall. The city has beed informed of our intent to terminate the lease for Selby Hall. I will confirm this in the next few days.

I will start the process for removal of Selby Hall from inventory.




I am aware that we are having issues with meeting space, but Selby Hall will not meet our needs. We kept Selby Hall in case it could be used for meeting space during the pandemic, but it is too small.

The work required to keep the Hall in good repair is estimated at $20k, and it has operating costs of about $3-4k per year. After exploring options, it was recommended to divest ourselves of this property. That decision has now been formally endorsed by the body that hold the deed to the property on our behalf.

I was intimately involved in this process and fully support its removal. If you would like to discuss, that's fine - but the decision has now been made.

-Scouter Geoff

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