• Geoffrey Priems

Help Wanted - Camp Otter Lake Work Day - Nov 6 (9am)

Nov 6 has been set aside as a wood cutting day at Otter Lake. Youth (those under 18) are not permitted on site this day. Volunteers should contact me so that I can allocate people to certain tasks (raczw@queensu.ca)

Volunteers are need to:

a. operate a chain saw and have a valid safety certificate. (I deposit a copy with Scouting) Ontario law requires a certificate use a chain saw on property that is not your own.

b. I also need help hauling the cut logs out of the woods onto the trailer. I intend to clean up some deadfall and take down some dead trees. I will make plans to split the wood at a later date.

c. I also would like to have an experienced tree feller. There is one large tree (maybe 2 ) to take down. One is near the pavilion,.

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