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Important Registration Dates (update)

Scouts Canada will be postponing registration for current members for the January 2021 Scouting Year until October 9th, 2020.

October 9 – Registration opens for current members for the 2021 Scouting Year

October 23 – Registration opens for Free Trial participants

October 30 – Registration opens to the general public

In addition to postponing registration, in response to a number of questions received from Groups and members, we have modified our refund policy to make it more flexible and adaptable to these changing times. While refunds are normally only available within 30 days of registration, we are extending this timeframe:

Members who register for Scouting before January 1st, can request a refund at any point until January 31st 2021.

A reminder that the registration fee remains the same as last year at $230.

Once registration opens you may register at www.myscouts.ca . Help avoid the awkward! Please review your address, telephone number and contact information. Ensure all those with permission to pick up your youth are listed, or we cannot release your child at a meeting.

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