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Minutes - Group Meeting -1 Sept

1st Bayridge Group Meeting Minutes

1 September 2021

1st Bayridge Group Meeting Minutes -1 Sep 21
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In attendance (MS Teams)

Geoff Priems, GC

Bill Racz, Quartermaster

Pat Friske, Colony

Kristin St Jean, Pack

Carol Winsor, Pack

Rob Longfield, Troop

Jessica Friesen, Company

Don Haisell, Scouter Coach


Mary Meyer, Treasurer

Meeting called to order at 7:35pm

1. Burning Issues of Importance

a. Section Locations in myScouts.ca

1. Colony – will use outdoor park starting at 6:30pm near St Andrews by the Lake Church, and then Centennial Hall at 7pm.

2. Pack – Both Packs will meet at Our Lady of Lourdes School. Outdoors only. No washroom access.

3. Troop – Locations will vary, but outdoors.

4. Company – Only regular meetings will be with Troop and will be coordinated.

5. All sections meeting times will be 1 hour to begin.

b. Section capacity in myScouts.ca

1. All Sections 16, except Troop which is 24 due to combination with Kingston Centre.

c. Section Scouters in myScouts.ca

1. Please review and ensure all Scouters are active in myScouts.ca

2. Section Issues (Colony, Pack, Troop, Company) that need addressing or advertising.

a. Colony – Needs more volunteers. Geoff and Bill volunteered to help until that happens.

b. Pack – Need info about youth. Scoutstracker info, etc. Discussion about moving up dates/times will be sorted with Colony and Troop.

c. Troop – nothing

d. Company – nothing.

3. Group Issues (Treasurer, Quartermaster, Fundraising, Training, Advertising, Property/Camp)

a. Apple Day -Bill – will not occur this year.

b. Scout Popcorn – Geoff to register the group/sections. Will not do a group order at this time. Fundraising split agreed was 30% to Group and 70% to Sections.

c. November 11 - Sponsor request. Will likely not happen again this year.

d. Neckers and Group Badges – Bill has these. Please indicate quantity needed to get the year started properly with volunteers and youth getting neckers, group and council badges.

4. Scouts Canada Program/BPP updates

a. Around the World in 60 Days (October 4-Nov 28) Scouter's Guide https://www.scouts.ca/around-the-world/home.html, Calendar https://www.scouts.ca/f/19ws0

b. This is “program in a can” so please use it! Plan to use it.

c. Continuing requirement for all meetings to be approved. ScoutsTracker to be used.

5. Dates of Interest:

a. Sept 1 – Early registration starts

b. Sept 1 – Code of Conduct is released

c. *Sept 8 – National email to parents to register

d. Sept 8 & 12 - Fundraising virtual townhall

e. Sept 15 – Open registration starts (for new and lapsed members)

f. *Sept 20 – Direct mail to current and lapsed members to register

g. *Sept 22 – National email to lapsed members

6. Future business

a. Group Commissioner. Geoff may be leaving in the New Year. Please help find someone to do the job.

G. Priems

1st Bayridge Group Commissioner

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