• Geoffrey Priems

Minutes of 28 Nov Group Meeting

1st Bayridge Group

Minutes of 28 Nov Meeting

12 Dec 21


Geoff Priems

Kristin St Jean

Bill Racz

Pat Friske


Rob Longfield

Jake Tweed

Meeting commenced at 8pm.

Burning Issues.

Meeting space.

Beavers is meeting on Thurs at St Andrews by the Lake indoors.

Pack has gone online for the present, with a view to weekend day events occasionally.

Troop has arranged for space in a different room in the new year. Troop also has application in to the Public School Board for an indoor space. Youth must be 12-17 and fully vax’d.

Vents continues to meet outdoors – planning meetings by Zoom.

Reminder: all in person meetings need to have AAF completed. Indoors masks must be worn.

Vaccination. Double vax required for all eligible – or cannot participate in “in person” events. We have dealt with almost everyone in this category – according to Scouts Canada policy. 5-11 year olds have just become eligible. Expect a long lead time, but it will become a requirement. (Update: SC will likely publish a deadline in the next few weeks, so that families who are not going to vaccinate may apply for a refund before the 31 Jan deadline for refund applications. It is expected the deadline will be set in March/April timeframe depending on vax availability.)

Kingston lockdown. Expect to move to virtual as case counts go back up.

Regular Business.

Section/Group Issues

Colony– none.

Pack issues – none. Noted to have gone virtual.

Troop – Geoff reported that the Kingston Centre Troop will begin meeting independently again in the new year.

Company – nothing to report.

Salvation Army (Bill)– money due from sections by 15 December. Please ensure you contact Bill. Agreed upon amounts are:

Colony $100

Packs x 2, $100 each (Mary has written cheque, Kristin has put funds in the bank).

Troop $125

Company $75

First Aid. Please contact Will Meyer, meyerwill66@gmail.com to arrange for First Aid (FA) Training. He is a FA instructor and accredited by Scouts Canada


Group is at almost full strength. Very healthy number of Scouters. Long waitlist for Beavers, but no intent to start another section at this time (14 on waitlist). SRM to offer other Groups.

New registration year begins on 1 Jan 22.

Geoff investigating transfer of finances to CIBC as they allow more electronic banking and 2 signature etransfers.

Next meeting on 23 Jan, at 8pm. All are welcome.

Meeting adjourned at 8:43pm

Please send any amendments or corrections to Geoff.

G. Priems

Group Commissioner

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