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Silver Acorn for Jane Murphy

Scouter Jane Murphy of 1st Bayridge Beaver Colony was awarded The Silver Acorn "for especially distinguished service to Scouting" tonight during a Zoom call with her Beaver Colony. Scouter Jane was presented the award by her close personal friends Scouter Bill Racz and Scouter Pat Friske, and also with her husband John (a former Scouter).

Scouter Jane is an amazing person who has shared her many talents and knowledge with youth and fellow Scouters. We are so very proud of her on being recognized with this tremendous milestone award!

Each time a person registers a "Thank You" on www.scouts.ca/thanks it puts members in a position to be awarded higher and higher awards. Please keep hitting the Thank You button for the amazing volunteer work that they do - just like Scouter Jane has done!

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