• Geoffrey Priems

Training Opportunity (online) --Being a Scouter – the FUNdamentals

Wed. Sept 8th – Being a Scouter – the FUNdamentals (*** specifically geared to NEW Scouters, or returning Scouters looking for a refresh)

If you are a Scouter in your 1st to 3rd year of Scouting, come and participate in a session designed to help bring understanding of what it means to be a Scouter and how to put theory and concepts into practice.

8PM: https://us06web.zoom.us/.../tZArduygpjIuEtYo5OJerTJIv7zxw...

10:30PM: https://us06web.zoom.us/.../tZIldeivrjkuGdDsKzSfIF9RiBNNB...

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